Other ways to support Bay Area Showcase Chorus

(Shop with Scrip, iGive and Donate for Charity)


Shop with Scrip (Gift Cards)

This is a program whereby chorus members and their family and friends can purchase merchant gift cards. The chorus treasury purchases the cards at a discount, and sells them at face value, thus retaining the discount.The program is open to members and their non-member family and friends.  Non-members must be sponsored by a current member who will bring payments to the chorus and deliver the physical scrip/gift cards to the purchaser.

Those wishing to purchase gift cards to benefit the chorus should enroll online at www.shopwithscrip.com or click on the icon below. To enroll, you must use our special code.  Members can obtain this code and see the order schedule by clicking on this link.  Non-members can get the code by asking your member friend, or by sending an email to finance@singharmony.org.




Once your account has been established, you can select your merchant(s) and order your gift cards in one of three forms:

  1. Physical Cards (cards or certificates that will be delivered to the BASC coordinator),
  2. ScripNow (coupons that will be delivered to your computer),
  3. Reload (you will enter the information for a card you already have in your possession).

Orders are batched, and as soon as the BASC Scrip Chair's announced deadline has been reached and she sees that enough orders have accumulated, she will authorize payment. Reloads and ScripNow purchases will be available to you immediately, and the physical cards will be sent to the BASC Scrip Chair. Your payment (a check made out to Bay Area Showcase Chorus) must be delivered to the BASC Scrip Chair.  Because payment is made by check, this program is best suited for chorus members and members of their households.



This program gives you access to 1,700 online stores, including all your favorites. Click on the icon and register to create your account. Then shop online as you normally would.  For repeat visits, click the icon or visit www.iGive.com  


Donate for Charity

Consider donating that old car! Visit this link for more information on Donate For Charity, Inc. and be sure to use "Sweet Adelines International, Bay Area Showcase Chapter" as your charity of choice. You will be awarded Gem Sponsor status according to the donation amount.






January 17, 2018

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